Looking after your heating system.

A Magnacleanse was performed on a heating system for one of our customers in Northampton, they were complaining that the heating was always cold even when the thermostat was up all the way. We discovered that the system was filthy and causing blockages in the radiators and pipework.

Looking after your heating system.

Is your heating system not getting as warm as it used too?

Do your radiators have cold spots or just don’t get warm at all?

Are you spending a fortune trying to warm up your home?

Your heating system should look after you. If the following are happening to you, then you need a Magnacleanse system flush to clean out your filthy heating system.

The MagnaCleanse system flush is the process of cleaning your heating system from unwanted harsh materials. - providing protection to your pipes, radiators and boiler. Lowering your monthly bills and increasing the performance of your heating.

The added benefit of a MagnaCleanse filter helps to collect sludgy residue away from your system for easy disposal.

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